Demi Lovato says new album documents the “rough time” they had last year

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Demi Lovato is days away from releasing their eighth studio album, Holy Fvck, and the singer says it represents them learning to finally let go of their “unresolved trauma.”

Speaking with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, Demi revealed, “Everything that I write about comes from personal experiences, and I had gone through a rough time last year.”

“I went back to treatment, and when I came out, I had all of this unresolved trauma that I hadn’t dealt with or that I started to deal with in treatment,” the Grammy winner continued. “And then when I came out, I was like, ‘It’s OK to be angry and feel those things.'”

Demi went on to explain, “So when I was making the album, in the first week, I had a lot of anger, and I think it showed in a lot of the songs — ‘Freak,’ ‘Heaven,’ ‘Eat Me.'”

Once they released that anger, Demi began penning tracks “that were really empowered in my sexuality.”  Then, they said, “Towards the end, you’ve got love songs.”

Demi, who has been completely sober since December, also opened up about recovering from addiction and spoke about rebuilding the trust with their closest allies, friends and family members.

“I never have come out of treatment, I mean, maybe the first time, expecting people to trust me right away. It was a learning experience of, OK, people are going to have to learn to trust you again,” Demi expressed, adding learning that lesson was “a lot.”

Demi explained rebuilding trust isn’t easy, but it can be done “by you proving yourself and not just talking, but taking actions that are towards your recovery.”

Holy Fvck arrives Friday, August 19.  Demi released the latest track off of it, “29” today.

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