Brian Kelley reflects on Florida Georgia Line’s journey: “We’ve had a blast”

Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Brian Kelley is reflecting on Florida Georgia Line‘s journey before their hiatus. 

Over the weekend, the duo performed in Woodstock, Illinois, as part of a contest T-Mobile held to provide a $3 million “tech makeover” to a small town in America. It marks one of the final shows on this year’s calendar before going their separate ways. 

Bandmate Tyler Hubbard is working on a solo album and prepping to go on tour with Keith Urban, while Brian is preparing for his residency at Tribe Kelley Surf Post, the Florida clothing store he owns with wife Brittney. He says he’s looking to the future with gratitude for what they’ve accomplished. 

“Every step of the way, we’ve had a blast. Even in the hard times where we were driving in a van and not sure if anything’s going to happen,” Brian shares with E! News“We love creating and we’re super grateful that our music resonates to so many different people in so many different locations. It really is a dream come true every time we get to play our songs live. When we live them out with everybody, you get to see the power of music and it’s so much bigger than just us onstage in that moment. It’s bringing everybody together and that’s a feeling that you can’t really replicate.”

FGL’s last show this year is on August 31 at the Minnesota State Fair. 

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