Why Ingrid Andress doesn’t wear dresses: “I feel a little confined”

Warner Music Nashville

“I don’t even own a dress” isn’t just a line in Ingrid Andress‘ song “Lady Like,” it’s an honest statement about her wardrobe. 

The singer says that while she has nothing against dresses, or people who wear them, she personally doesn’t feel that they reflect her personality. When on the red carpet, Ingrid can often be seen wearing glamorous suits or a fancy top and pants. 

“I feel a little confined in a dress,” she says. “Whenever I look at myself in a mirror and I’m in a dress, it just doesn’t seem right. It feels like I’m playing dress-up or something. I feel like my personality does not gravitate toward the dress part of the store.” 

Another truth bomb she reveals in “Lady Like” is the lyric “haven’t brushed my hair in days.” Ingrid says more often than not, her stylist will be the one to untangle her locks.  

“I normally don’t brush my hair ever because I like the texture, it looks cool,” she notes. “But I should probably brush it more.” 

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