Second episode of ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ docuseries, focusing on Keith Richards, premieres Sunday

Courtesy of EPIX

The second episode of the new four-part Rolling Stones docuseries My Life as a Rolling Stone premieres on EPIX this Sunday, August 14, at 9 p.m. ET.

The new installment focuses specifically on Keith Richards, looking at how important the founding Stones guitarist’s passion for music has been to the band, and how his bad boy and rebellious image has played such a major role in the group’s legend.

In a preview clip, Richards talks about how important he feels it is for a song to have a good guitar intro.

“[I]f an intro can grab you, you’re gonna to be in for at least a few more minutes,” he notes. “And if the riff behind that intro grabs you then, then you pretty much got ’em.”

Richards also discusses the unique way he devised of setting up his guitar, which entails removing the low E string and tuning the remaining five strings to a G chord.

He explains about the sound of the specially tuned guitar, “There is something about the intonation of the notes, the separation at the point — I would say almost mystical — that when hit in the right way, in the right moment, you know, [it’s a] cheap ride to heaven.”

As previously reported, the series, which was produced to coincide with the British rock legends’ 60th anniversary, is made up of four hour-long episodes, each focusing on a different band member. Last week’s premiere episode profiled singer Mick Jagger, while the final two installments will look at longtime guitarist Ronnie Wood and late drummer Charlie Watts, respectively.

In addition to new conversations with Jagger, Richards and Wood, My Life as a Rolling Stone features new interviews with a variety of other noteworthy music artists.

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