Olivia Newton-John’s official state funeral to be “more of a concert”

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Olivia Newton-John‘s state memorial service in her home country of Australia will be “more of a concert than a funeral,” said a government official.

Born in England, Olivia grew up in Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. Victoria Premier Dan Andrews tweeted, “I’m so pleased that Olivia [Newton]-John’s family have accepted our offer of a State Memorial Service. We’re working with Olivia’s family on the details, but it will be more of a concert than a funeral – fitting for a Victorian who lived such a rich and generous life.”

Previously, Olivia’s niece Totti Goldsmith told an Australian TV show that the family had accepted the offer. And certainly, there’s no shortage of singers who’d love to pay tribute to the beloved Grease star.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s husband, John Easterling, has posted a tribute to her on Instagram in which he writes, “At Olivia’s deepest essence she was a healer using her mediums of song, of words, of touch. She was the most courageous woman I’ve ever known. Her bandwidth for genuinely caring for people, for nature and all creatures almost eclipses what is humanely [sic] possible.”

He adds, “It is only the grace of God that has allowed me to share the depth and passion of her being for so long. In her most difficult times she always had the spirit, the humor, and the will power to move things into the light. Even now as her soul soars, the pain and holes in my heart are healed with the joy of her love and the light that shines forward.”

He concludes, “Our family deeply appreciates the vast ocean of love and support that has come our way.”

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