Michael Bublé honors Olivia Newton-John: “She touched everybody that she knew”

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Michael Bublé paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John, who lost her battle with cancer this week. The “Sway” singer appeared on Australia’s TODAY to share his memories of the late icon.

“Once in a generation a person comes along who is born or given such privilege and they understand with that privilege comes a responsibility to lead with goodness, and kindness and empathy,” Michael said. “She is this massive star and she touched everybody that she knew … The whole damn world.”

Referencing Australia collectively mourning the beloved Grease star, Michael continued, “I cannot imagine how deep the sadness is, but at the same time, how proud you all must be.”

“She understood exactly who she was, and that for me is the difference between an artist and a musician.  That’s an artist,” Michael continued. “Look at what she’s done! Look at how long she’s been more than relevant for. That’s just not normal anymore.”

He noted artists should consider themselves “lucky” if they stay relevant for over a decade. “She went way further than that,” Michael said.

Michael reflected on opening for Olivia during a show and how that morphed into a lifelong friendship. “She was just as cool as you think she was … She was way too cool and way too sweet,” he said. The singer added she went “out of her way” to meet his parents and siblings, who “couldn’t believe” they shook hands with the icon.

Michael revealed Olivia also consoled him when his young son, Noah, battled liver cancer in 2016.  

The Grammy winner said Olivia brought “a lot of light” wherever she went, which inspired him to become a better person. “She was one of my lessons of how I wanted to be.”

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