BTS’ J-Hope talks solo career: “This experience has given me a positive influence overall”


BTS‘ J-Hope is thankful to have embarked on a solo career because he’s not only learned more about the industry, he’s discovered a lot about himself.

Speaking with NME, the “Arson” singer opened up about the apprehension he felt about releasing his debut solo album, Jack In The Box.

“I was a bit worried at first, because [the] Jack In The Box album contains my story and what I really wanted to do,” he confessed, adding he is “grateful” that people enjoyed listening to his “genuine stories.”

J-Hope, who is further “motivated” to make new music, continued, “I learned a lot as a solo artist … I think I will continue to grow through this album. I’d like to show even better music through my solo projects.”

Noting that the “experience has given me a positive influence overall,” he teased that he wants to “try many different things with my music” going forward.

While on the topic of the future, he also teased what’s next for BTS.

“BTS will hold a big concert in Busan in October and we’re getting ready for that,” he previewed.

J-Hope isn’t the only member of BTS working on making a solo name for themselves — Jin is working on another collaboration with the MMORPG game MapleStory. This news comes a few days after MapleStory teased on Twitter the K-pop star had applied to be its new game designer and planner.

It appears he’s been hired because a trailer was posted Wednesday and it was titled, “Mapler Kim Seokjin goes to work!”

It is not known how this new partnership will roll out.

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