Snoop Dogg gifts Stephen Curry a Death Row chain

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Thanks to Snoop DoggStephen Curry has a new chain to go with his four championship rings. The rapper gifted the NBA star a Death Row chain following their recent reveal of a newly refurbished basketball court.

“It’s chaining day!” Snoop told Steph as he placed the piece around his neck. “They ain’t got that, Steph! That’s official.” A video of the moment is captured on Snoop’s Instagram page.

Stephen and his Under Armour Curry brand had teamed up with the Death Row owner to surprise a group of over 70 children at the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach, California. The two crashed the basketball practice, spoke to the kids and unveiled a new court, designed by renowned artist Damion Scott.

“This is the place where I learned how to play basketball, play football, be active in the community and build relationships. It’s where I learned how to rap, talk and just be me basically – in this park right here,” Snoop said of the court. “To come back and see the kids doing different things, trying to be better than we were – that’s what it’s all about.”

He and Steph hope that the refurbished gym will continue to be a safe space for children in the community, especially those interested in sports.

“We want to provide a space where you can come enjoy yourself and get lost in the fun, lost in the competition, invest in yourselves, and be around a lot of amazing coaches and programs,” Curry said. The baller later reflected on the experience on Instagram

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