Amanda Seyfried regrets filming nude scenes at 19: “I wanted to keep my job”

Seyfried in “The Dropout” — Hulu

The Dropout‘s Amanda Seyfried admits to having some regrets about filming a nude scene when she was 19 years old, saying she did it because she felt it was the only way to keep her job.

“Being 19, walking around without my underwear on — like, are you kidding me? How did I let that happen?” the 36-year-old actress tells Porter. “Oh, I know why: I was 19 and I didn’t want to upset anybody, and I wanted to keep my job. That’s why.”

Seyfried says she “wishes she could be coming up now, in an era where intimacy coordinators are an on-set requirement and actors are in a better position to speak up.”

Seyfriend received her first Emmy nod last month for her performance as Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu’s The Dropout.

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