Megan Thee Stallion teases upcoming project: “It’s almost that time”

David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

If you’re wondering when Megan Thee Stallion is going to drop some new music, the rapper says “it’s almost that time.” To hype fans for what’s to come, she dropped a cinematic teaser titled Traumazine.

Set at a funeral, the trailer captures Meg donning all black as she first walks through a crowd of people also dressed in all-black attire and straight to a casket, where she places some flowers. That’s followed by Meg dressed all in white; she stops halfway down the aisle and looks up to the camera. The clip then comes to a close and the word “Traumazine” is displayed on the screen.

Fans may recognize the term, which Megan previously defined as “the chemical released in the brain when it is forced to deal with painful emotions caused by traumatic events and experiences.” It’s not clear whether the word is the name of an upcoming album or single, but she’s been alluding to an entire body of art the last few days.

In Instagram Stories shared earlier this month, Meg wrote, “So happy abt my album. It’s finished,” adding, “It’s honest, it’s me, it’s real” and “it’s for the hotties.”

More recently, she said the album, which features “some of the BADDEST women,” has her jerking “between feeling mean af and sexy af.”

No release date has been set, but fans can watch Meg’s newly released LA Leakers freestyle in the meantime.

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