Jimmie Allen reminds fans to “check in on your friends” in important mental health PSA


Jimmie Allen is reminding his followers that you can’t always gauge someone’s mental health by what they post online.

On Twitter, the singer posted a PSA explaining the importance of reaching out to the people they love. “Check in on your friends,” he wrote. “Social media is not a way to find out how people are doing. People are really struggling, it has just gotten easier to hide it.”

Jimmie has long been open about his own mental health challenges, sharing that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 13 and that he also struggles with anxiety. His latest album, Tulip Drive, contains a song called “Settle On Back” that describes his experience with bipolar disorder and also shares memories of his dad.

“When my dad was alive, he was the person that could always pull me back,” Jimmie shared when his album came out. “A lot of people with mental issues has one person in their life that they have the strong connection with.”

Jimmie also recently participated in ACM Lifting Lives’ mental health series, The Check-In.

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