Stevie Nicks is now a comic book star

Josh Brasted/WireImage

Comic books might usually cover superheroes, but this one is all about a music superstar.

Stevie Nicks is the focus of a new 22-page comic book detailing the rocker’s life and career from TidalWave Comics.

The comic book is part of the brand’s “Female Force” series, which highlights impactful women from all around the world. As per its description, it explores Nicks’ “passion and unrelenting drive to succeed as an artist.”

Michael Frizell penned the story, with illustrations by artist Ramon Salas.

“There’s a popular meme that talks about how Taylor Swift writes sad songs about her exes, but Stevie Nicks makes her exes sing songs she wrote about them explaining how horrible they are, and every time I see it, I laugh,” notes Frizell. “Stevie’s fearlessness makes her a rock legend and explains her staying power and popularity.”

You can check out a preview of Female Force: Stevie Nicks at Tidal Wave Comics’ Twitter page.

Female Force: Stevie Nicks is available now in both print and digital formats.

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