Music notes: Kesha, Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, Twenty One Pilots, Jessie J and Meghan Trainor

Kesha is politely reminding fans that she no longer spells her name with a dollar sign. She shared a TikTok soundtracked to Annie Lennox‘s “Why” as she stares forlornly into the mirror. “When they still spell your name with a ‘$’,” she captioned the video. “Did this to myself.” 

If someone read you the lyrics to Taylor Swift‘s “You Need to Calm Down,” you’d recognize the song, right?  Well, it was a triple-stumper on Jeopardy! when host Ken Jennings did just that for a $400 clue, and not one contestant got it. In fact, no one even tried to guess! Fans are sharing the now viral clip on Twitter.

Lil Nas X would like to introduce you to his alter-ego, Marilyn Monteroe. He shared several photos of him channeling the blonde bombshell on Twitter and included a snap of him posing over a grate while holding down his white dress. Fans are hoping this is related to a new song or music video.

Twenty One Pilots saluted Stranger Things by remixing the creepy theme song with “Heathens.” The duo was performing in Romania when they unleashed the mashup while playing scenes of Stranger Things‘ fourth season. They shared the remix on YouTube

Jessie J needed a wardrobe change at one of her concerts for a very good reason. “When it’s 95 degrees on stage at 10pm at night and a long sleeved catsuit ain’t it,” she joked on Instagram and slipped into a vintage Dior bed dress for her performance.

Meghan Trainor aired some dirty laundry on her TikTok, such as the rudest celebrity she met and the celeb she has the most tea on — the latter is Harry Styles if you must know. She answered the questions by briefly flashing her phone screen, which had a photo of the celeb she was referring to.


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