Ellie Goulding proves she has the best fans out of any artist

John Phillips/Getty Images for Bauer Media

Ellie Goulding knows other artists claim their fanbase is the best, but she insists hers takes the cake.

Speaking to UK radio station Heart, the “Burn” hitmaker explained why her fanbase is so special. “I do have the sweetest fans in the world,” Ellie said. “They’re so so lovely and really supportive of me.”

“The other day, I was kind of getting quite bogged down with the politics and stuff,” she continued, adding she posted a meme about wanting everyone to go away. “My fans were like, ‘Oh my god, you don’t mean us, do you? Because we just love you. We just want to make sure you’re okay.'”

The Grammy nominee also said her fans urged her to take a few days off to decompress, which she found heartening. She added she assured her followers, “You’re so sweet. I need you. I need you. Just, literally, [I don’t need] everyone else.”

Since Ellie has such a great relationship with her fans, she said it’s about time she “came back with some new music” after a pandemic-induced break and the birth of her first child, Arthur.

She recently released “Easy Lover” with Big Sean, saying of the collab, “It’s so nice to work with someone you genuinely want the best for and [who] deserves the best and he’s such an incredible artist.”

Ellie also spoke about her old songs becoming popular again, such as the case with her 2016 single “Still Falling For You,” which is all over TikTok and back on the charts.

“To hear everyone singing that back is just wild because I never really released it properly as a song,” she exclaimed, adding the same has happened to her 2010 single “Lights”.

Said Ellie, “It’s like the Kate Bush thing!”

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