Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild explains the “rules” that keep the band together

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More than two decades into their career as a band, country foursome Little Big Town is sharing their key to longevity.

During a conversation with Trailblazers Radio With Fancy Hagood on Apple Music, the group’s Karen Fairchild explains that for LBT, it all comes down to unanimity. That means that all four of the bandmates have to agree on every major career decision — from deciding on a single to booking a show.

“We just set some rules. It’s not really rules. It was things that we knew would keep the band together,” Karen explains, “and that was taking care of each other first over anything, no matter what was going on in the business.”

That approach has served LBT well over the years. If they wanted to stay together for a long time, they knew they had to value each other over individual songs or career moves, Karen continues.

“It’s got to be the four of us saying, ‘No, we all want to cut this song.’ Then you’re looking ahead 10 years and you’re singing some c***py song you didn’t want to sing and you’re mad about it still.”

Years later, Little Big Town still follows that mantra of prioritizing each other over everything else.

“Even today, this morning, it was like, ‘Do you guys want to play this show?’ Most of us wrote back and said, ‘That’s the time we have off with our kids. So we’re going to pass,’” Karen says. “We’re very much together in those choices.”

Little Big Town just announced their 10th studio album, Mr. Sun. The lead single, “Hell Yeah,” is out now.

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