Fake hair, fart jokes and a “small addiction” to chewing gum: Carly Pearce shares surprising fun facts


While getting ready for a show on Kenny Chesney’s Here and Now Tour earlier this week, Carly Pearce decided to hop on TikTok and share a few fun facts with her fans — 14 fun facts, to be exact.

“I have been 5’8″ since I was in the fifth grade,” Carly begins, going on to list a number of little-known facts, as well as some things that fans probably already know.

For example, many listeners already know that Carly is a proud dog mom to two shih tzus named Johnny and June — they make frequent appearances on her social media account — but did you know that they aren’t her only pets named after country legends? Her chocolate lab is Retta Lynn, after Loretta Lynn, and she also has a cat named after Emmylou Harris.

“I sing country music, I guess I have a full country band,” Carly jokes.

The singer also admits to a “small addiction” to Orbit chewing gum, holding up three packages for the camera. “I go through one of these every day, and yes, that’s a three-pack,” she admits.

Carly also says that she lives with 12 people on her bus, including “a lot of boys,” but out of all of them, “I’m the raunchiest and the grossest,” she says with a smirk. That might explain her love of fart jokes, she goes on to say: “I think farts are the funniest thing in the whole world.”

At the end of the video, Carly’s makeup is on and she’s ready for her show, including her signature wavy blond locks.

“And last but not least, see all this hair?” Carly concludes. “She’s fake.”

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