Mom and daughter’s 4,000-mile trip to Ed Sheeran concert saved by kindly policeman

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Ever miss a concert due to car trouble? Then you’ll be able to relate to the story of a mother and daughter whose 4,000-mile trip to see Ed Sheeran live nearly ended in disaster.

Denise Buie and her 22-year-old daughter, Alyssa Midence, traveled from Florida to the United Kingdom last week to celebrate Alyssa’s graduation. Their trip included plans to see Ed Sheeran perform at a stadium in Sunderland, England, but as they were driving to the venue, their rental car broke down. A traffic cop, Police Constable Andy Jackson, helped move the vehicle off the road while Denise and Alyssa waited for a tow truck.

However, two hours later, Jackson was driving back down the road when he saw the pair still waiting for a tow truck — and they were freaking out, because Ed was due to take the stage any minute, and they were convinced they’d miss the show. 

So Jackson told Denise and Alyssa to climb in and drove them to the stadium himself — after calling the towing company and telling them he’d be leaving the car keys at the police station.

“I kept calling PC Jackson our superman. He didn’t have to stop and understandably would have had other things to do, so we were just blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond,” said Denise. “We are truly grateful that he went the extra mile – and that he helped save Alyssa’s graduation celebration.”

After the show, Denise and Alyssa traveled to Scotland for sightseeing and have since returned to Florida. If you want a taste of what the two witnessed at Ed’s show, he’s posted some great footage of his concert in Manchester on his Instagram Stories.

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