Demi Lovato says “Skin of My Teeth” is their way of “owning my narrative” about past addiction struggles

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Demi Lovato opened up about what “Skin of My Teeth” is about and why they wrote it in the first place.

Speaking to Billboard, the Grammy nominee explained they wrote that song in mid-January because they were tired of reading headlines mocking their addiction struggles.

“What happened was, you know, I did go back to treatment, and when I came out, I saw all of these headlines that were like, ‘Demi leaves treatment again!’ And I’m like, ‘F*** you, I’m going to write a song about that, and I’m putting that headline in the first line,'” they recalled. 

News broke in early January that the singer privately underwent treatment to maintain their ongoing sobriety journey, following their near-fatal overdose in 2018. The news came a few weeks after Demi revealed in December that they cut alcohol and marijuana completely out of their life because they “no longer support my ‘California sober’ ways.”

Demi said of that time in their life, “So it just was owning my narrative — owning the fact that this is my story, and I’m going to tell it, and I don’t need anyone else to tell it. And in doing so, I think it made an anthem for people who struggle with addiction.”

The “Anyone” singer also teased their forthcoming album, HOLY F***, which comes out August 19. When asked if there are more songs like “Skin of My Teeth” on there, Demi said, “You’ll have to listen to the album to really get the feel.”

They added of their album, “I would say it’s rock, and then that it branches into different categories of rock. One song on there feels almost a little Southern rock, but I have songs that feel more hardcore than what people may be expecting of me.”

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