Sebastian Stan, Jennifer Aniston debate which of the ‘Friends’ he’d be, vow to work in a romantic comedy together

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Audemars Piguet — ABC

Variety‘s ongoing Actors on Actors series often results in some interesting conversations, but in the case of its latest installment, it may have ended up creating a romantic comedy starring Sebastian Stan and Jennifer Aniston.

The Marvel movie star and Pam & Tommy lead admitted to being a big fan of the former Friends friend, and they explored the show’s enduring fandom.

Stan admitted, “I’ve gone through a lot of lonely nights with Friends ...”

Aniston gets the appeal. “It’s a friend to have in the room sometimes.”

The Morning Show star and producer also told Stan, “You would have been a great cast member … You would have been a Joey.”

The actor disagreed, adding, “I always came closest to Chandler, because I get very, sort of, neurotic.”

Stan asked what the recent Friends reunion special was like for the show’s cast.

“I don’t know we expected for it to sucker punch us as hard as it did in the emotional gut,” Aniston says, adding, “Literally, every single nook on a shelf was the same. It was so creepy.”

She related it to “time travel,” saying the cast wasn’t ready for the “explosion” of fame the series brought. “Thank God we had each other, because we really couldn’t talk about it outside. It was before social media, so we still had some sanity,” she recalled.

During the course of their conversation, the two stars stumbled upon a mutual love of romantic comedies. “Why do they have such a bad rap these days … wouldn’t that be fun to do one?” Aniston asked.

“[I’d] do one in a second with you,” Stan replied of a possible New York City-based project. “They could probably write that very quickly.”

Aniston replied, “Great. We’re gonna do a rom-com. So exciting. We’re bringing them back.”

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