Dustin Lynch’s craziest fan encounter involves a prosthetic limb and a bunch of beer

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Dustin Lynch has seen some pretty wild fan hijinks on the road, but the most unforgettable encounter he ever had was with a woman at his show who found a creative use for her prosthetic limb.

“This young lady took her prosthetic off, and poured her beer in it, and chugged out of her prosthetic,” the singer recounts to CMT, as part of a compilation of country stars sharing their craziest fan stories.

But Dustin was as impressed as he was surprised by the sight, he says.

“That’s just a flex,” he says. “If you can do that at a party, I don’t know how you can be topped. That beats the hell out of a funnel, so hats off to you, girl in Georgia.”

Check out the full video — which also features Carly Pearce and Thomas Rhett sharing their craziest fan experiences — on Twitter.

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