“You’re not alone”: Kelsea Ballerini reflects on her first intensive therapy session


Kelsea Ballerini has a message for the “big feelers” out there: “you’re not alone.” 

Kelsea took to TikTok during a break in her first intensive therapy session, which is a comprehensive form of treatment that often includes prolonged sessions, to check in with fans about the experience.  

The singer revealed that she’s been in therapy regularly for the past couple years as a “tune up” for her heart and soul to be able to process life, her emotions and insecurities. “I have very large feelings,” she said with a smile.

She decided to do intensive therapy as a way to learn more about herself, become a “better” person and be able to move forward in her life. But the 28-year-old doesn’t shy away from the intensity of it, admitting that the process isn’t “sexy,” as it involves digging up old trauma and learning how to draw boundaries. 

“It’s a lot of self-reflection and owning your s*** and ugly tears,” she relayed, lifting up her sunglasses to show off her “puffy eyes” from crying. “I think we’re all on a journey of not only growing up, but growing into ourselves and who we want to be…and for me, that has taken a little help. It’s growing pains and it’s not comfy, but it’s necessary I think to become,” she reflected before affirming,  “I’m sure a lot of you are on that journey and just wanted you to know you’re not alone.”

Kelsea has been vocal about mental health and therapy, putting words to some of her experiences throughout life in her debut poetry book, Feel Your Way Through.  

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