Motionless in White takes on “internal and external Armageddon” with new album, ‘Scoring the End of the World’

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Motionless in White‘s new album, Scoring the End of the World, makes its intentions known in its title.

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Chris “Motionless” Cerulli shares that the record is “primarily a product of the pandemic,” and tackles both the global and personal issues that came with it.

“While going through some really intense stuff personally, I’m watching the world go through chaos and just a complete meltdown,” Cerulli recalls.

“Everything seemed to just be ending all at once, everywhere,” he continues. “And that title [Scoring the End of the World] is meant to capture both internal and external Armageddon.”

Beyond being a reference to the album’s subject matter, the title Scoring the End of the World reflects its sonic direction, as well. Longtime Motionless fans will notice the length of the title, a clear departure from the punchy one- and two-word titles of the band’s past releases.

As Cerulli explains, he wanted the album’s title to mirror its “expansive” sound and vice versa.

“I knew that we were gonna go in a direction … that feels theatrical, cinematic, very thematic,” Cerulli shares. “In each song you’re building a world, you’re putting yourself in these scenarios based on the music, the sounds, the lyrics. I wanted each song to be putting the listener in that reality.”

He adds, “While I feel like there are one-word titles that could’ve done that, Scoring the End of the World feels like it’s this big, theatrical, grandiose representation of what you are hearing. It felt very marquee to me.”

Scoring the End of the World is out Friday. It includes the single “Masterpiece.”

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