Kenny Loggins: Tom Cruise Told Me No “Danger Zone,” No ‘Top Gun’


In preparation for Top Gun: Maverick, Kenny Loggins told Entertainment Weekly that he recorded a new version of “Danger Zone,” his hit from the original 1986 movie, using modern technology. Ultimately, Tom Cruise rejected it in favor of the original “Danger Zone” — but Kenny tells ABC Audio he’s O.K. with that.

Tom loved the original version and he wanted to use the original version of ‘Danger Zone,’ because then he could open the movie with the same kind of aircraft carrier scenes, of the planes coming and going,” Kenny explains. “And the ‘Danger Zone’ theme sets the tone, so that people who saw the original just go right back to that vibe of what that was. And…so, as a piece of nostalgia, it sets everything up for what’s coming.”

Kenny says he’s just happy that Cruise feels the song is integral to both films.

“That’s what Tom said, yeah,” he tells ABC Audio. “When I asked him a few years ago, when they were first starting on the screenplay, ‘Is ‘Danger Zone’ going to be a part of the movie?’…he said, ‘It’s not Top Gun without “Danger Zone.”‘” And I really appreciated the fact that he felt that way!”

In addition to the Top Gun nostalgia, Loggins’ memoir is out June 17 and he’s doing his first concerts since 2019. He spoke with ABC Audio at the National Association of Music Merchants convention in L.A., where he was presented with the organization’s prestigious Music for Life award.  Past winners have included Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz and Graham Nash, among others.

“I found out a few weeks ago that this was gonna be a part of my reality…I really appreciate it, though, it’s quite an honor,” says Kenny, adding, “The cast of characters from previous years is pretty high up there!”

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