Forget d**k pics: Ed Sheeran surprises Australian radio hosts with marble…um…

Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Ed Sheeran made the Saturday Night Live song “D**k in a Box” come to life for two popular Australian radio hosts.

Six months ago, when Ed appeared on Australia’s Nova radio to talk to DJs Fitzy & Wippa, he mentioned that he once bought his pal Elton John a gag gift: a giant marble male member. He then joked, “If you guys want one…” to which Fitzy and Wippy enthusiastically said yes.

Cut to this week, when the DJs unboxed two special gifts from Ed: a pair of marble willies of their very own, painted green and gold.

“We can’t thank you enough [Ed],” the jocks captioned the moment.

Ed’s Mathematics Tour will reach Australia next year for a 10-date stadium trek.

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