Elton John featured in exclusive new clip of ‘George Michael Freedom Uncut’

Courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing & Sony Music Entertainment

The documentary about George Michael, narrated by the late star, arrives in theaters June 22, and an exclusive new clip takes a deep dive into the origins of the late singer’s revolutionary “Freedom ’90” music video.

Elton John makes an appearance in the nearly two-minute clip and discusses how George’s work permanently changed the music industry. “It changed the whole face of how videos were done,” said Sir Elton. “The video said everything. It was genius and it was a revolutionary thing.”

George didn’t want to be featured in the music video and instead asked five supermodels to star in “Freedom ’90.”  

“It was a specific group of women that George wanted that had just been on the cover of British Vogue that was shot by Peter Lindbergh. It was like, ‘He wants you five and it has to be all you five,'” recalled model Cindy Crawford.  

Added Naomi Campbell, who was also in the music video, “George pitched it to me in L.A. and his exact words were, ‘You’re the leader of the gang and unless you say yes, the rest of the girls won’t.'”

George Michael Freedom Uncut explores the late singer’s career following the release of his 1987 album, Faith, which skyrocketed him into fame, through the release of his 1990 follow-up work, Listen Without Prejudice: Vol 1. That period in his career saw George fight for his artistic freedom while grieving the loss of his mother and first real love.

Visit GeorgeMichaelFreedomUncut.com to purchase tickets and see a list of theaters showing the film.

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