Cheese, please: Carrie Underwood shares her go-to cheat meal


In addition to being a country queen, Carrie Underwood is known for being a fitness guru. But even she has a cheat day now and then. 

When Carrie’s not hitting the gym, she does give herself a break from her typical healthy eating to indulge in her favorite food: cheese. And she’s not picky, so much so she’d feast on a giant plate of cheese if she could. 

“I’m a big cheese person. Cheese is my vice,” the longtime vegetarian admits to ET Canada. And while Carrie notes that she “flirts” with veganism, she often opts for pizza on her cheat days. “Probably because of the cheese and the carbs,” she jokes.

The powerhouse singer shares many of her workout regimens in her book, Find Your Path. She also co-developed her own fitness app, fit52, with her personal trainer, Eve Overland

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