Chris Young says duetting with more friends for Famous Friends deluxe album was “pretty organic”

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Chris Young returns with the deluxe version of his Famous Friends album today. In keeping with the original theme of collaboration, he’s adding three more duets to the track list.

One of those is a revamped version of “Think of You,” Chris’ duet with Cassadee Pope, which topped the country charts in 2016. He’s also including two new team ups: one with Jimmie Allen and one with Old Dominion.

Both those duets happened naturally, Chris says. The Jimmie collab, “Music Note,” was a long time coming from two musical pals who both love collaboration.

“Jimmie Allen had been yelling at me because we hadn’t done a song together, and I’m like, ‘Dude, you didn’t ask, so I didn’t know you wanted to do one,’” Chris recounts. “And I just sent him ‘Music Note’ when we wrote that song. I was like, ‘Hey, this could be cool for the two of us,’ and he was down for it.”

As for the Old Dominion duet, “Everybody Needs a Song,” Chris says that was a no-brainer, too, because he wrote the song with one of the band members.

“That one was a co-write between me, [songwriter] Chris DeStefano and Brad [Tursi],” the singer explains. “So Brad just went and asked everybody. So both of them, all three of them if you want to count the third one [with Cassadee Pope], were all pretty organic.”

The new duets join the three collaborations on the original track list, including duets with Mitchell Tenpenny, Lauren Alaina and the smash hit title track with Kane Brown.

The deluxe version of Famous Friends also includes two new solo tracks and an acoustic version of Chris’ 2015 hit “I’m Comin’ Over.”

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