Carrie Underwood found a slithering surprise visitor in garage: “Country life be like…”


Carrie Underwood found a creepy surprise in her garage recently: a huge snake. The country superstar posted video of the moment on her Instagram Stories, showing just how long the surprise visitor was, plus some of her efforts to gently escort it back out into the wild.

“You scared the everloving — ohhh, you scared me, bud,” Carrie says from behind the camera as she films the snake, which is stretched out underneath a table in her garage. “Look at how long this sucker is. Whoa.”

The singer posted, “Country life be like…” in the caption of her clip.

Though Carrie was keeping her distance from the snake, it’s no surprise that she wanted to remove it using humane methods. A vegetarian and rescue dog owner, Carrie is a noted animal rights activist who, in 2013, spoke out against a Tennessee “ag-gag” bill on the grounds that it would have made it more difficult to protect farm animals from abuse.

She also established the C.A.T.S. Foundation to support her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. In addition to raising money for education and community support, the foundation funded a new animal shelter with an emphasis on spay and neuter programs and shelter pet welfare.

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