Love “I Love You So?” The Walters say you’ll be “surprised and pleased” by their “better” songs

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

After their 2014 song “I Love You So” blew up on TikTok, Chicago band The Walters, who’d split up in 2017, reunited, and now they’re close to wrapping up their first tour in five years.  The band tells ABC Audio that they feel lucky to have attracted a whole new audience.

“There’s a lot of new fans from TikTok,” says lead singer Luke Olson. “Honestly, when we went on our hiatus, we had a lot of young fans that are now a little older. So it’s been really exciting for us that we got blessed by getting all these new people.”

And while The Walters are hopeful that their new fans are enjoying their EP Try Again, which came out last month, Luke says he’s really excited at the prospect of them checking out the music they released before their split.

“Y’know, ‘I Love You So’ is a really great song,” Luke says. “The lyrics are very like…pretty much everyone can identify. [But] I think…if people are going to go and now check out the rest of our catalog, I think they’ll be  surprised and pleased. Because there’s other tracks that, y’know, a lot of people think are better than “I Love You So!'”

The Walters’ tour wraps in Los Angeles on June 9. What’s next? More music, says Luke.

“We’re trying to create easy-listening music, trying to bring back some sounds, but also have this modern thing,” he explains. “And that’s what we intend with this new EP and the music we continue to create.”

“We’re not trying to become some new band,” Luke adds. “We’re not, like, now going to change our sound and do some experimental thing…[We ]know what we like, we know what our fans like, and we just want to keep doing that.”

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