Lil Nas X laughs off hacker’s anti-Pride message on Facebook page

Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Lil Nas X had the most on-brand reaction after a hacker gained access to his Facebook account and posted an anti-Pride message.

An unknown person commandeered the Grammy winner’s page and wrote, “F*** PRIDE MONTH, I faked being gay b**** [thank you] for the [money].”  The comment was quickly removed, but not before fans grabbed screenshots of the inflammatory message.

Of course, Lil Nas X, who is openly gay, is way more active on Twitter than Facebook and laughed out loud at the screen shots. “i’m screaming because this is something i would actually say,” he tweeted. He also joked the hacker had better grammatical skills because they used commas and periods, as well as capitalized letters.

Of course, the “Industry Baby” rapper wasn’t through with having fun with the hack and even got a T-shirt made. He took to Instagram to show off his new tee, which reads, “White, Straight, Conservative Male.  Are you triggered?”

Lil Nas X did a full on photo shoot with his new shirt, which he accessorized with leather pants, clunky platform heeled boots, diamond grillz and luxury sunglasses.

He also shared some outtakes to his Instagram Stories, which showed him holding a boat load of cash, riding in a limousine with his friends, going to a club, falling asleep at a card table and leaning against a white sculpture of a theater mask.

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