How did LoCash welcome The Beach Boys into the country music family? With snakeskin boots, of course

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Legendary pop act The Beach Boys notched some major country cred over the weekend, making their Grand Ole Opry debut alongside country duo LoCash.

The two groups split the bill for the second half of the evening during their Friday night performance and joined forces for their new duet, the LoCash-led “Beach Boys.”

Even if you were in the audience to see all the onstage fun, there’s a few things you might’ve missed — including the special backstage gift that LoCash offered The Beach Boys members to formally welcome them into the country music community.

“One of the first times we played together, Mike [Love] commented on my snakeskin boots,” LoCash’s Preston Brust tells People. “We wanted to celebrate the special night with a little gift, so Mike and Bruce [Johnston] got some boots of their own! Now they’re officially in the country music fam!”

The country duo’s Chris Lucas also joked that maybe The Beach Boys can return the favor someday.

“We’re still trying to get Mike and Bruce to make us honorary Beach Boys!” he says. “For now, we’re just having a ball getting to play together any chance we get.”

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