Andy Grammer hopes his music acts as “a spiritual chiropractor” to fans

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Andy Grammer cares more about bringing joy and comfort to his fans than writing a big radio hit. The “Fresh Eyes” singer opened up about his mission and his music-making process in a new interview.

“I used to have to write a lot of songs to get one that is good,” he told Albuquerque Journal. “And still there is no guarantee that it will be a hit. You throw a lot of darts and most are hitting the board.”

He added, “When you have a moment to really listen, music reminds you that there’s so much more in front of you than there is behind you. In my opinion, to be able to give somebody this reminder in the middle of the day is wizardry.”

“That’s my favorite part of being an artist and what makes me jump out of bed to write in the morning,” he raved.

Andy also revealed he writes his songs by himself, adding he takes special care in crafting words that’ll have an impact on the eventual listener before bringing his music to his manager for refining.  

“I realize that I’m more intoxicated by art,” Andy continued. “I’m enjoying the process more because it keeps me writing and sharing what I feel. It’s so freaking fun.”  

The “Honey, I’m Good” singer has said that he doesn’t necessarily care if a song is a hit — what he focuses on is how his music resonates with the audience and how it makes people feel.

“My career is less about writing and more on focusing on community. I’m grateful for every moment that I have and take advantage of making each moment count,” he said. “A great musician is like a spiritual chiropractor and it hits you in all the right places.”

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