Sam Asghari breaks silence on Britney Spears’ pregnancy loss: “When the baby’s ready, it’ll come”

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Sam Asghari shared a heartfelt update about how he and fiancée Britney Spears are choosing to focus on being “positive” as they process her pregnancy loss.

“It’s just part of life … It’s something that happens to a lot of people,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the miscarriage.

Asghari then opened up about the mindset he and his “soon-to-be wife” adopted since losing their unborn child. “We’re positive about it,” he said. “And one beautiful thing that I heard was when the baby’s ready, it’ll come. So that was a beautiful thing somebody had said … it’s a common process and the female body is just so amazing, and just the human body in general is so beautiful that it heals itself. And that when the baby’s ready it’ll be the right time.”

Despite the heartbreak, Asghari maintains hope he will be “a young father” one day.

“That’s just the joy of life, I think, is procreation. And that’s just a next step,” he continued, explaining he is already focusing on making changes that will benefit his future children. “I am careful with money because I do want to build a future for my children,” the Iranian-born actor said. “If you came to this country, you came with a purpose. You don’t come here to goof around.”

Britney announced in April that she was expecting her first child with Asghari. They issued a joint statement last month that they lost their “miracle baby” and asked fans to respect their privacy during the difficult time. They also vowed to “continue trying to expand our beautiful family.”

Asghari, who met Britney on the “Slumber Party” music video set in 2016, proposed to the Grammy winner in September 2021. 

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