US senators jokingly war over who’s the biggest BTS fan on Capitol Hill


BTS will visit the White House Tuesday around 2 p.m. ET and, ahead of their meeting with President Joe Biden, several senators took to social media to crown themselves the biggest BTS fan.

Sen. Mazie Hirono, of Hawaii, engaged in a fun war of words with Delaware Sen. Chris Coons. It all started when journalist Natalie Andrews spoke of the Hawaiian Democrat hoping to score an invite to the meeting. Andrews tweeted, “‘I’m the only U.S. Senator who knows who BTS is,’ says Sen. @maziehirono , looking for her invite to the White House to see the group.”

Coons jokingly took it as a challenge and responded with a photo of his BTS collectibles, writing, “Not even close. #BTSARMY.”

Hirono fired back almost immediately, “If you’re a true fan, who’s your bias? And don’t ask your staff.”  

Coons has not responded to the Hawaiian senator’s rebuff, leading fans to speculate which members of BTS are the senator’s favorites.  

Others pointed out that Coons and Hirono may be the only vocal BTS admirers on Capitol Hill but that they may be working with some closeted BTS fans, so they can’t claim the title of biggest fan.

Meanwhile, others noted that they are in good company with Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who previously shouted out the “Butter” singers in a lovely tweet thanking them for their sold-out Las Vegas concert series. She congratulated the Grammy nominees for their successful four-night run, which “supported countless businesses across the city.”

BTS is meeting with Biden to celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month, as well as to address Asian inclusion, representation and anti-Asian discrimination amid a wave of hate crimes in the country. They will also discuss the importance of diversity, inclusion and serving the globe as international role models.

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