Avril Lavigne teases Christmas album, cookbook

Natasha Moustache/WireImage

Avril Lavigne plans to go all out when celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut album, Let Go — but what does she plan on doing after that? She is teasing that she might whip up something special for the holidays.

Speaking to The Guardian, Avril revealed the three things atop her bucket list: making her own Christmas album, makeup line and cookbook.

The Grammy nominee teased of her cookbook, “My food is, like, gourmet … I can do everything! Pasta, sauce, vegan, salads and soups — I can do every kind of soup.” Avril wasn’t forthcoming about when fans can get their hands on the Avril Lavigne cookbook, but the singer noted that is a “major” thing on her to-do list.

The Canadian rocker also has another thing to look forward to — the movie adaptation of her 2002 hit “Sk8er Boi.” She told the outlet that production is full steam ahead now that she has finally found a director to helm the film.

“I can’t wait to learn this process of making a movie,” she raved. She noted that she won’t stop at just making a film for “Sk8er Boi”: “I think I’ll want to make more [movies].”

Looking back at the past two decades, Avril is thrilled the generation born around or after her breakthrough album was released are falling in love with her old music — especially Gen Z stars like Olivia RodrigoBillie Eilish and Willow Smith.

“That younger generations are discovering my stuff and that Billie, Olivia, and Willow go out into the world and continue to shatter the mold like I did 20 years ago is super inspiring,” she said, adding that those artists saying her music inspired them is “really trippy.”

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