Is Katy Perry going country? Not full time, she says, but “the heart of America is amazing”

ABC/Gavin Bond

Between crowning the country-leaning Kentucky native Noah Thompson as this season’s American Idol champ and performing “Where We Started,” her current duet with Thomas Rhett, on the show’s season finale, pop superstar Katy Perry is feeling the twang these days.

“You know, it was my first time stepping in, dipping my toe into that water,” Katy tells E! News, speaking about her foray into country collaborations with “Where We Started.” “I love it because it’s all about songwriting. It’s all about telling a story.”

She’s picking up some of the country lifestyle, too, thanks to her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom.

“Orlando has been shooting a movie in Kentucky, and I’ve been in and out of there for a month now,” she says. “… And I just love that heartland. There is definitely something in the water in Kentucky.”

As the newest Idol winner, Noah’s following in the footsteps of an impressive line of Kentucky legends, Katy adds. “The heart of America is amazing.”

However, Katy quickly clarified to Extra that, as much as she enjoyed soaking up the country culture, she’s not planning a full-time move to Kentucky anytime soon. “You’ve got to hear it from the source, and the source is telling you ‘no,’” she added.

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