Britney Spears’ lawyer accuses her father of “running and hiding” from deposition

Mathew Rosengart; Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

While Britney Spears‘ conservatorship may be terminated, the legal wheels surrounding it continue to grind.

On Wednesday, Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart filed a motion compelling Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, to sit for a deposition, Page Six reports. In the document, Rosengart writes, “Despite his demonstrably false claims that he has ‘nothing to hide’ … James P. Spears has been running and hiding from his deposition and accounting for his misconduct — under oath — as required by law.”

Rosengart claims Jamie has spent six months “engaged in stonewalling and obstruction” and refuses to respond to requests for even basic information. Rosengart says it’s not because Jamie can’t travel, noting that he’s prepared to take Jamie’s deposition “in any city in the country.”

In addition to questions about his alleged financial misconduct, Rosengart also wants Jamie to respond to the allegations that he bugged Britney’s bedroom and recorded her private conversations — and paid for it with Britney’s money.

In the document, Rosengart states that he hopes Jamie, who he calls a “misguided” fiduciary and father, “does what is right, both legally morally,” and concludes, “Be decent. Please, stop harassing and bullying your daughter. Please, leave your daughter alone.”

Britney previously described the conservatorship under her father as “abusive,” and claimed to the court that while he was in charge of her life and affairs, she was forced against her will to take medication, enter a mental health facility and have an IUD contraceptive inserted.

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