Brandy freestyles over Jack Harlow’s “First Class”

2020HHA/Getty Images via Getty Images

Things are heating up between Brandy and Jack Harlow, most recently with the R&B artist putting her spin on the rapper’s latest hit, “First Class.”

On Wednesday, a freestyle of Brandy rapping over the song’s beat while simultaneously giving an overview of her legacy was released on SoundCloud. The piece comes after Harlow, ion an interview, couldn’t identify Brandy’s 1998 song “Angel of Mine” and didn’t know that she was Ray J‘s sister.

During the freestyle, Brandy introduces herself as “world-famous,” “one of the greatest” and a “living legend” before adding, “Did I mention my resume is amazing?”

“Over 20 years and I’m still a topic / A b**** is worth a million and I’m feeling philanthropic / Popular but now I’m poppin’ shit for those out of pocket,” she jabs at Jack.

Later in the almost two-minute-long rap, she references her show Queens getting cancelled and raps “but you can never cancel the queen,” then jokes about being “built tougher than my brother Ray J’s glasses.”

The freestyle is just the latest in the back and forth between the two artists. After the “Nail Tech” rapper’s interview, Brandy playfully tweeted, “I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [h]is a** to sleep.”

“See, I can have a little fun too hehe…all love,” she wrote in a following tweet.

Jack may not have taken it as a joke, though, later posting an Instagram Story of the brother-sister duo along with Brandy’s part on Kanye West‘s “Bring Me Down” playing in the background.

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