Will Katy Perry go country? Maybe, kinda

ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry recently teamed up with country superstar Thomas Rhett for the song “Where We Started,” which they performed on the American Idol finale. While it’s unlikely that she’ll ever make a full-on country album, Katy says she might take inspiration from country music for a future project.

Asked about making a country record, Katy told Extra, “I might get back a little bit more to my roots with that singer-songwriter side. I spent so much time in Nashville just laying my musical foundation, so I’d love to continue on that path.”

Katy also told Extra that over the years she’s been sent “a bajillion country songs,” but didn’t record them, even though some of them, she says, went on to become “massive.”  However, she felt that the Rhett duet is “the one I was meant to start with to cross over into this world.”

Why? Because, she notes, “The story of this song is really beautiful … It talks about a relationship and where you started and if you ever have doubts about it, look at how far you have come. I feel that so much, even in my own relationship — it has been a beautiful journey.”

Katy also clarified to Extra that despite reports that she’s moved to Kentucky permanently, she was only there for a few months because her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, was making a movie there.

“I loved it. It was so beautiful to see the heart of America,” she says. “Also just to be ‘mom’ every day, all day — I love that.”

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