Scotty McCreery says “the pressure” is how golf is similar to performing onstage

ABC/Christopher Willard

Scotty McCreery was a baseball player in high school, but his focus has since shifted to a more mellow sport: golf. 

When he’s not on the road entertaining his legion of fans, you can find Scotty on a golf course, who plays about two or three times a week when he’s at home. The singer has been playing golf since he was six years old and said he ended up with a score of 74 in his best round of golf. “I was pretty pumped,” he tells PGA Tour. 

As for his favorite course in the country, Scotty cites Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. “It’s like walking into the Land of Oz, it’s unbelievable,” he describes, adding that Tiger Woods is his favorite player of all time. 

While he plays golf for fun, the North Carolina native says that being onstage is where he feels most comfortable, noting that the similarity between golf and singing is the pressure. 

“In golf, you got to hit the shot. When people are watching onstage, thousands of folks out there watching, you got to make sure you deliver. I enjoy the pressure when I’m singing, golf wise probably not so much,” Scotty laughs. “I don’t mind the pressure onstage.” 

Among the many other golf fans in the country community are Darius RuckerCharles Kelley of Lady A and Jake Owen

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