Crazy Cool at 60: Paul Abdul teases she’ll do something “spectacular” or “be with my dogs” on birthday

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Paula Abdul turns the big 6-0 on June 19 and, ahead of her milestone birthday, the Grammy winner teased how she plans to ring in her special day.

“I’m gonna do something big,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Maybe charter a yacht or go somewhere exotic [and] take some friends.” Although she has lofty goals for her 60th birthday, Paula joked, “Knowing me, I’ll stay home [and] be with my dogs.”

The “Straight Up” singer continued, “I wanna do something fun and something spectacular … Every day we [should] celebrate ourselves. We are above ground. We are living. We are healthy. You know what? We’re celebrating really important things in life.”

Paula also spoke about getting to do something just as fun as celebrating a big birthday — serving as judge on ABC’s upcoming competition series The American Rescue Dog Show. The singer, along with fellow judges Yvette Nicole Brown and Leslie Jordan, will determine which rescue pooch is top dog in categories such as “Best in Snoring.”

“My heart’s gonna be melting [over] the cute factor, of course, and the sweet factor,” she gushed. “I wish I could take all of these dogs home … We will be aww-ing and ooh-ing and oh my God-ing.”

Paula added the show is all the more special to her because she has “rescued dogs for decades” and thinks rescue pets are “so special.”

“I hope that this show actually makes everyone tune in and that everyone adopts a dog. They’re magical. They’re so sensitive to our human feelings and they make everything better,” she raved. “I can’t imagine life without rescuing dogs. I really can’t. I have the coolest rescue dogs.”

The American Rescue Dog Show premieres May 25 on ABC.

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