Warner Bros. executive denies Amber Heard would have gotten ‘Aquaman 2’ raise; describes lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Walter Hamada, the head of DC Films, took the stand virtually Tuesday morning in the Johnny Depp defamation case, and his testimony stuck a massive pin in one of Amber Heard‘s major claims.

Heard’s team yesterday claimed the actress lost out on a major raise for a sequel to Aquaman and, but for negative social media posts following her controversial op-ed, would have been as big a movie star as Jason Momoa.

For his part, Hamada threw water on the claims in less than 10 minutes on the stand. The movie executive said Heard’s salary for a second film was already set — what in Hollywood parlance is known as an “option.”

“Was Amber Heard’s compensation affected by anything said by [Depp’s then-lawyer] Adam Waldman?” one of Depp’s attorneys asked. Waldman had said various negative things about Heardin the press, including references to the notorious bed-pooping incident.

“No,” Hamada replied.

“What role if any did Ms. Heard’s dispute with Johnny Depp affect concerns casting her for Aquaman 2?” the attorney asked him. “None,” Hamada replied.

Hamada also agreed that there were conversations with director James Wan about replacing Heard in her role of Mera in the sequel.

“There was a concern of chemistry,” Hamada testified, adding, “… it took a lot of effort to get it to work” onscreen with Momoa.

“It’s movie magic, and with editing, and score,” you can “fabricate” chemistry, the exec said. “A good editor can put the right takes together.”

Having good chemistry is “what makes a movie star a movie star,” Hamada said, in the most pronounced swipe at Heard.

Earlier in the proceedings, Judge Penney Azcarate denied Depp’s team’s motion to dismiss Heard‘s counter-suit against the former Pirates of the Caribbean star, leaving it up to a jury to decide its merits.

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