“Play like Margot Robbie is here tonight”: Jordan Davis has specific list of rules to follow while on tour


Jordan Davis has a strict set of rules for what makes a good live show, as detailed in a humorous new video

Sitting his band down in front of a whiteboard with a dry erase marker in hand, Jordan laid down the law in terms of his expectations for their live show. 

At the top of the list? “Be a GOAT.” “If you’re about to do something, would a goat do it? If he would do it, do it. If he wouldn’t, don’t do it,” Jordan tells the crew with a straight face. Another very important rule is “don’t suck,” so important that he writes it in giant red letters. 

“You were kind of off last night, but it’s okay, because tonight, we don’t suck,” he affirms. 

The team meeting ends with all the band members raising their hands in the air as they shout the name of Academy Award nominated actress, Margot Robbie. The camera then pans to the whiteboard to reveal the other rules on the credo, #1 being “play like Margot Robbie is here,” followed by “a good beer is a cold one” and that The Office trumps Friends. Rounding out the list is the controversial opinion that “pineapple belongs on pizza.” 

Jordan and crew will continue to put these commandments into action as they open for Brooks & Dunnon the Reboot Tour. Later this year, Jordan will open for Luke Combs on his Middle of Somewhere Tour. 

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