Is Harry Styles the new Mick Jagger? Not according to Mick Jagger

Harry and Mick in 2015; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TDF Productions

Even back when Harry Styles was in One Direction, his resemblance to a young Mick Jagger was often mentioned. He’s since played on that resemblance, portraying the Rolling Stones front man on Saturday Night Live and allegedly taking inspiration from Jagger’s ’70s-era outfits. However, Jagger doesn’t really think he and Harry have much in common at all.

Asked by The Times of London if he feels that he’s inspired Harry, Jagger said, “I like Harry — we have an easy relationship,” but points out, “I mean, I used to wear a lot more eye makeup than him. Come on, I was much more androgynous.”

Jagger goes on to say, “And he doesn’t have a voice like mine or move on stage like me; he just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine — he can’t help that.”

While Jagger may insist he was “much more androgynous” than Harry, the legendary singer never wore a dress on the cover of Vogue.

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