“She Don’t Know”: Carrie Underwood celebrates on-sale date for 2022 tour with new song


Tickets for Carrie Underwood’s 2022 Denim & Rhinestones Tour go on sale Friday, May 20, and to celebrate, the singer just dropped a twangy new tune off of her upcoming Denim & Rhinestones album.

Called “She Don’t Know,” the new tune revisits the vengeful, scorned-lover themes that made Carrie so popular with hits like “Before He Cheats.” This time around, Carrie’s lyrics describe an encounter with her partner’s other lover at a grocery store.

But Carrie’s got a secret: She’s wise to the games they’ve been playing, and she’s willing to bet that they won’t be happy together for long.

“But there’s a cruel world a-waitin’ outside of them motel sheets / ‘Cause he’ll find himself another Jezebel and she’ll end up just like me,” Carrie sings.

“She Don’t Know” is the most traditional country-leaning offering yet off of Denim & Rhinestones. So far, the album has explored a wide array of genre influences, borrowing from pop and disco styles on previously released tracks like “Ghost Story” and the title track.

Denim & Rhinestones is due out next month. Carrie’s tour starts in October.

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