Madonna accused of violating community guidelines, blocked from Instagram Live

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

Have Madonna‘s controversial Instagram posts finally caught up to her?

The Queen of Pop posted a video on Friday showing her and DJ Sickick, her partner on her latest “Frozen” remix, attempting to go live on Instagram Thursday night to talk about the track. But when she hits the button, a note pops up saying, “Blocked from sharing live videos” due to “going against community guidelines.”

“What the f**k? What’s happening?” Madonna asks. Wondering if it’s because she’s showing too much of her body, she then jokes, “I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life!” 

When someone points out that the block is due to Instagram’s desire to “continue to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression,” Madonna — whose whole brand is basically about authenticity and free expression — responds, “I’m speechless.”

In her Instagram Story, Madonna then apologized to fans, saying, “I’m sorry to let everybody down. I was really looking forward to this.” She also pondered what caused the block, noting that Instagram is being “really mysterious.” 

“They’re not giving me a reason,” she says. “It’s like a bureaucracy inside of a computer.” She then comments that she hasn’t posted “anything crazy” on Instagram, “not this week anyways.” 

That leads her to wonder if it’s a “delayed reaction” to the NFTs she posted last week. Those NFTs — collectible digital artwork she created for charity — featured graphic, 3D digital images of her fully nude, including genitalia, giving birth to trees and butterflies.

As for the new “Frozen on Fire” remix, it’s out now, and features new vocals and a new verse. It’s the fourth iteration of the song since Sickick first remixed it for TikTok last year.

(Video features uncensored profanity.)

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