Fantasia, husband Kendall continue their “honest” marriage conversation with book ‘No Crowns in the Castle’

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Fantasia Taylor, formerly Barrino, will take a moment away from filming duties on the upcoming movie musical The Color Purple to deliver a keynote address at The Women’s Expo in Atlanta this weekend. She and husband Kendall Taylor will engage in “honest” conversation about their marriage journey — the highs, lows and everything in between. It’s a discussion that began with their “Taylor Talks” social media show and expanded into a book, No Crowns in The Castle. ABC Audio caught up with the loving couple to chat about the book and all of the vulnerable storytelling within it.

“[On] our first date, transparency was the appetizer,” the couple joked as they delved into their love’s origin story dating back to 2015. They didn’t waste time chatting about favorite music or vacation spots, they instead got straight to the important issues, citing the fact they somehow “knew” they were each other’s perfect match. “We put the things out on the table … that most people have to find out and uncover,” Kendall said.

Opening up about the baggage they each carried — and graciously accepted of one another — was an easy part of the book-writing process, they say. Especially for Fantasia, who, as someone often in the limelight for her past struggles, tries to always be open and honest.

“When I was on Idol I was very transparent … they would sometimes pull me to the side and say, ‘You may not want to say this or say that,'” she said. Those who’ve followed Fantasia know she didn’t take that advice. She says without transparency, her past wouldn’t have led to her future.

More of Fantasia and Kendall’s educational yet blissful love story can be found in No Crowns in the Castle, available now.

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