Texas brewery announces new Pantera-themed beer, Becoming Bock

Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Pantera has once again teamed up with the Dallas-based Texas Ale Project craft brewery to create a new signature beer.

The latest creation is called Becoming Bock — presumably named after the Far Beyond Driven cut “Becoming” — and is described as an “easy-drinking amber lager.” It follows Pantera’s first Texas Ale Project collaboration, Pantera Golden Ale, which was first announced in 2020.

Becoming Bock will be available this summer and fall. Additionally, a third Pantera beer, Electric Blonde Ale, will be released by the Texas Ale Project later this year.

“Pantera Golden Ale has been a huge success, and we’re excited to continue this partnership with Pantera to expand the distribution across Texas and launch new limited edition Pantera beers,” says Texas Ale Project founder Kat Thompson. “Thank you to all the Pantera fans out there. Keep rockin’ and keep enjoying our beers!”

For more info, stay tuned to TexasAleProject.com.

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