Sheryl Crow says she doesn’t want to explain “WAP” to her kids

Gary Miller/WireImage

Sheryl Crow may be a musician, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let her sons listen to whatever kind of music they want.

In a snippet of her new interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the singer says she polices what kind of music her kids — 12-year-old Levi and 15-year-old Wyatt — are exposed to.

“I police what my kids listen to — isn’t that sick? And I’m a musician!” Sheryl says. “I’m just like, ‘What am I doing?’”

“I signed up to be the protector of their innocence and I don’t want to have to explain what W-A-P [is],” she adds, referencing the hit Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song.

She admits her 15-year-old probably hears things anyway. “My older one is 15 now and I’m sure he’s seen a lot more than I know about,” she says. “In fact, I’m very positive, but he’s gotten over the fact that he doesn’t have social media. He sees plenty of stuff that he wants to see. I’m sure he goes around, but I look at their phones and stuff.”

Back when “WAP” came out in 2020 and people criticized its explicit lyrics, Cardi took to Twitter and said, “I don’t make music for kids; I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen to or see.”

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