Migos no more? Breakup rumors circulate

Prince Williams/WireImage

It’s been almost a decade since beloved rap group Migos hit the scene with their debut song “Versace,” taking the hip-hop world by storm. But after group members OffsetQuavo and Takeoff seemingly unfollowed one another on social media, fans started to speculate the trio might soon be breaking up. 

In snapshots shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Wednesday night, it looks as if the guys hit the Instagram unfollow button for reasons unknown. It might just be a coincidence, but fans speculate that Offset initiated the unfollowing after Quavo and Takeoff announced their upcoming song “Hotel Lobby,” which is expected this Friday. 

One user took to Twitter to express his belief that it’s all just a business scheme, saying, “this is marketing, they will be back together in 2 weeks after quavo and takeoff drop a video.”

Others are chalking the situation up to a family disagreement. “I argue & unfollow my uncle/cousins all the time,” one person commented on IG. “They brothers. Brothers fight. Brothers disagree. Hopefully they make it right,” another said. 

We’ll just have to wait and see if the three of them drop anymore music together. 

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